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How Do Content Locks Work Using Thrive Leads?

I’m setting up this post to illustrate the concept of content locks.

What is a “Content Lock”?

Content Lock allows you to block a portion of your content and make it for subscribers only. It is a way to provide premium content for your audience, in exchange for their email addresses. Typically this provides a way to opt in and deliver lead magnets in a way that is less obtrusive than with popups and landing pages. Content locks requires users to enter their email address in order to see the content being hidden, which is typically represented by “blurry” text. If a user is already an email subscriber, then they will see the full blog posts.

Those who aren’t subscribers, will see a blurred version of the locked content portion of the blog post.

Here is an Example of a Content Lock:

The next or following paragraph is considered premium content, so in this paragraph you would would outline what it contains and why people would want it…


Get free & instant access by entering your details below:-

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Sample Headline

Maecenas pretium ex sit amet orci lobortis venenatis. Donec laoreet consectetur rhoncus. Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas. Curabitur sodales bibendum velit, non posuere urna aliquet id. Quisque iaculis ultrices elit sed sagittis. Curabitur volutpat, nibh nec mollis cursus, metus orci scelerisque metus, eu tempor turpis lacus in purus. Pellentesque condimentum iaculis ligula, ut vehicula metus porta ut. Praesent et ante elementum, egestas tortor eu, pharetra velit. Aenean.

Sample Premium Video

Some Notes On Using Content Locks

Once someone subscribes, the content will always be visible and unlocked for this person when they return to the website.

Content locks can make a blurry version of the content visible to hint at what is underneath, but the copywriting leading up to the content lock, the graphics and headlines themselves should be compelling enough to where people want to opt-in.

  • Content locks are ideally suited for in-line content which includes premium videos, images, graphics, infographics etc.
  • The best use-case is to apply these to articles that have an intrinsic value already, but where you offer the reader to download a PDF, watch a more in0-depth video and offer additional value as a sort of “up-sell” to the article itself
  • Content locks can provide downloadable links for PDFs, for example, but there are some marketing and analytics benefits from having separate landing pages for lead magnets, which improve measuring conversion rates, and
  • The above example of a content lock was implemented using Thrive leads, however there are other ways to integrate content locking, for example “Optin Monster” features a content lock function.


Here is another example of locked content:


Enter Your Details For Instant Access

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Welcome Stranger! This is an example Text for your fantastic Promo Box! Feel Free to delete it and replace it with your own fancy Message!


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