Podcasting Gear Recommendations

2 Person Podcast Studio Starter Package - Budget Version

This setup is for setting up a mini podcasting studio at budget level. This is for podcasters who want to have in-studio guests for their recordings.

The main difference between this and more expensive packages are that the microphones I recommend are in a budget range. I also feature a slightly less expensive boom arm than in the premium package.

At the time of this writing, the package comes in around $750.

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Zoom H6 Six-Track Portable Recorder

This is one of the best and most flexible audio recording tools out there. I recommend this primarily because it makes for a future proof investment. It can be used in a range of situations inside the studio or out on the road.

  • Podcast studio recording with up to 5 persons
  • On site interviews when attending conferences
  • Pro sound for video recordings with a DSLR or smartphone camera
  • Videos with wireless lavalier microphones

The H6 It has powerful and clean pre-amps, which alleviate the most common complaint about Dynamic Mics having a weak signal output level. These amps are plenty strong to get decent recording levels.



These microphones are Dynamic mics. These reject background noise and are perfect for studio that are not sound-proofed. They need to be quite close to the speaker's mouth, as is true with all dynamic microphones. Therefore they require mounting on a boom arm. I also recommend using a shock mount as this improves sound quality and eliminates desk banging noises.

  • These come with XLR audio cables long enough for a 2 person interview setup
  • They also include a desk stand, which we will likely NOT use, but is handy for mounting the Zoom H6 recorder.
  • These can be plugged directly into a computer with the USB port, and plugged into the Zoom recorder using the XLR cables.

For a 2 person interview podcast setup, please purchase 2.

Boom Arm


Innogear Boom Scissor Arm

This Boom arm is necessary when using any dynamic microphone so that the podcast hosts and guests can be comfortably seated and position the microphone close to their mouth. We recommend a 6" distance when using the AT2005 type microphones.

These boom arms are longer than most budget arms and therefore have a greater reach. They also have better construction overall and are easier to clean than models with external springs. 

I consider these to be mid-range investments. They are better than most base models, but still far inferior when compared to the market leading HEIL stand in the premium package.

  • Mid range quality choice
  • Long reach than most budget boom arms
  • Sturdy construction
  • Desk clamp with surface scratch protection

For a 2 person studio setup, please purchase 2.

Shock Mounts


On Stage MY-420 Microphone Shock Mount

When mounting dynamic microphones to a desk using a boom arm, we should always use a shock mount. This isolates the microphone from annoying tapping and desk banging sounds all to common when using microphone stands.

For a 2 person studio setup, please purchase 2.

Pop Filters


PEMOTech Pop Filters

These pop filters eliminating annoying "pop" and plosive sounds when a microphone is positioned close to one's mouth. This is an important accessory especially for beginning podcasters. With practice, proper mic technique and positioning can eliminate the need for these, but when first setting up a podcast studio these are a "must have" 

For a 2 person studio setup, please purchase 2.

Other Podcasting Gear Packages

2 Person Podcast Studio Starter Package - Premium Version

This package is similar to the 2 person budget package, but features better microphones and boom arms

1 Person Budget Podcast Starter Package - For Online Interviews With Skype

This package is the minimal way to get started with podcasting for interviewing guests on Skype or Zoom.

We hope you enjoy using this resources page for setting up your podcast environment!

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