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One Person Interview Starter Package - Premium Version

This setup is for setting up a premium solo podcast for Skype, Zoom interviews.

The focus is on an excellent Rode Procaster dynamic microphone and a good USB audio interface. The main difference between this and less expensive packages are that the microphones and boom arm I recommend here are of premium quality.

At the time of this writing, the package comes in around $525.

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Procaster Bundle


Rode Procaster Bundle

This is a broadcast package is sometimes being offered by Rode, and it is a great deal with frequent special offers at a greatly reduced price for the entire bundle. If the bundle is currently out of stock, please check for the links to order the individual components below...  

The Procaster Broadcast Quality Dynamic Microphone from Rode is designed for capturing speech in broadcast radio, voice-over recording, podcasts, and similar applications. It features a tight cardioid polar pattern and tailored frequency response that result in optimum speech reproduction without off-axis noise. The all metal construction, internal pop-filter, and internal shockmount further minimize handling noise and contribute to the microphone's durability. The package includes a microphone stand mount and a zip pouch, Rode PSM1 Shock Mount and Rode PSA1 Studio Boom Arm

  • Rode Procaster Microphone, a dynamic microphone
  • Rode PSA Scissor Boom Arm
  • Rode PSM1 Shock Mount

For a 2 person interview podcast setup, please purchase 2.

Availability Notice:

If the Bundle is not available, check the list below to order the components independently:



Rode WS2 Screen Pop Filters

These pop filters eliminating annoying "pop" and plosive sounds when a microphone is positioned close to one's mouth. This is an important accessory especially for beginning podcasters. With practice, proper mic technique and positioning can eliminate the need for these, but when first setting up a podcast studio these are a "must have" 

For a 2 person studio setup, please purchase 2.

Pop Filters


Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Second Generation (2nd Gen) 2-in, 2-out USB Audio Interface

A USB audio interface is essential when using high quality XLR mics.

A good USB audio interface like this solves the following common problem: Dynamic and USB mics with a built-in USB interface often do not produce a strong enough signal when connected to a PC. In our experience this results either in weak audio recordings, or in the podcaster positioning the microphone very close to the mouth. With good recording technique this may not be a problem, but consistency and mic technique is key. Every small move towards or away from the mic results in annoying volume level changes.

The Focusrite solves this with great pre-amps that boost the audio signal with no quality loss. This means that the host can position the mic at a more comfortable and consistent distance, and still get a really strong audio signal. 

This unit can support 2 microphones and can thus serve in-studio guests as well. There are additional models with up to 4 microphone ports.



GLS Audio 12ft Mic Cable Patch Cords - XLR Male to XLR Female Black Cables

From what I could see, the Rode Procaster mic bundle does not come with any XLR cables, so you will need these to connect to the recording device. Depending on your own setup, you could choose shorter cables.

For a 2 person studio setup, please purchase 2.

Optional: Solo Podcast Recording


Zoom H6 Six-Track Portable Recorder

This is one of the best and most flexible audio recording tools out there. I recommend this primarily because it makes for a future proof investment. It can be used in a range of situations inside the studio or out on the road.

  • Podcast studio recording with up to 5 persons
  • On site interviews when attending conferences
  • Pro sound for video recordings with a DSLR or smartphone camera
  • Videos with wireless lavalier microphones

The H6 It has powerful and clean pre-amps, which alleviate the most common complaint about Dynamic Mics having a weak signal output level. These amps are plenty strong to get decent recording levels.

Optional: For Podcasters Doing Their Own Mixing

AKG K553 MKII Closed-Back Studio Headphones


AKG K553 MKII Closed-Back Studio Headphones

Every podcaster needs a pair of "studio monitor" headphones that do not color the sound. You do not want to use "normal" headphones, since these usually have enhanced bass response, since these will lead to bad editing and sound decisions that will sound horrible on other devices. 

  • Flat Frequency Response, ideal for editing podcasts
  • Closed design to shield environment noise
  • Detachable cable
  • Easy to take on the road

Lightweight over-ear design for maximum wearing comfort Advanced closed-back technology for high noise insulation 2” (50mm) transducers for precise sound reproduction Low impedance for impressive performance on portable devices 2D-axis fold-flat mechanism for easy storage and transportation Detachable cable adds convenience and ease of use.

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